Chilled Storage

Jeet Refrigerated Transportation has revolutionised the unique initiative of merging distribution with cold storage facility, providing wide range opportunities for customers and their specific needs.

We combine refrigerated transport and refrigerated storage and provide our customers the flexibility and scope to house and allocate their stock with ease, all under one roof of Jeet Refrigerated Transportation.

Our specialised equipment that we use in our refrigerated storage can reach low temperatures which will ensure your products stay fresh.

Jeet Refrigerated Transportation specialized storage systems can provide the following services for your businesses:

  • Carton Picking
  • Container De-stuffing / Loading
  • Clients use our refrigerated storage facilities for:
  • Dairy Products and Seafood Products
  • Meat & Small Goods
  • Palletized Storage - Short or Long Term
  • Pastries and Poultry
  • Imported & Manufactured Goods

If you want to experience the exceptional quality service of a company that actually cares about your stock and your business then contact Jeet Refrigerated Transportation because we care about our clients, their needs and our service.