How high can pallet be?
Single pallets can be a maximum of 1.9 mtrs high. Pallets that are suitable to travel on top of one another can be 1.2mtrs each with a total height of 2.4mtrs.
What is the maximum weight allowed?
The maximum weight of a single pallet space cannot exceed 1000kg, which includes the weight of the pallet.
What are the restrictions with stock stacked on a pallet?
All products that are placed on the pallet must be within the pallet dimension, which means the stock cannot “overhang”.
What type of pallet can be used?
Chep and Loscam pallets are the most common pallets that are used. Any standard Australian pallet with the dimensions of 1.2m x 1.2m can be used, it is imperative that the pallet is no longer or wider.
Can the pallets be transferred?
If you have an account with Chep or Loscam we would appreciate where possible to transfer pallets directly to the end destination.
Is there a minimum rate?
There is no minimum rate for transport, whether it is one carton or one pallet the charge is the same. Should you have specific requirements please feel free to give us a call.
How big can the carton be?
The carton itself needs to be 25kg or less and no bigger than a carton of beer or roughly that volume.
Can the cartons be taped together?
You can tape 2 cartons together as long as the weight does not exceed 25 kg.
What time will the delivery be made?
80% of deliveries are made prior to 12pm.
Do we accept C.O.D.?
Our drivers will not collect cash, they can collect cheques but this will incur a $2.50 administration charge per invoice.
How do i book a job?
Jobs can be booked by jumping on our website. Once jobs are submitted on our website an e-mail is sent to the relevant department, it’s that easy.